WWDMagic Feb 2014


Last week we spent a few days in Las Vegas at the WWDMagic… a HUGE collection of women’s apparel, shoes and accessories! Those days were filled with looking through more clothes then you can imagine! We shopped non-stop for spring trends from our favorite brands as well as discovered new brands we can’t wait to bring inside Blues and Shoes! The photos below give you a glimpse into what you may find in store this spring as well as give you a feel for what it’s like as a buyer at WWDMagic. We gasped at many cute items from brands including Alythea, En Creme,Flying Tomato, Ciel, Ya, and Hem & Thread.



















Valentines Treats


Want to treat your honey to some yummy treats this Valentines treats but not break your diet…local bloggers “The Style Kittens” have some solutions for you!

Check out their v-day video to find out how to make some creative “skinny” and very yummy treats!

Let us know If you try these yourself! The dark chocolate raspberries are way too easy not to try!


How to make your own flower crown!


Flower crowns are going to be so hot this spring!

Whether you prefer the small dainty flowers or big bright roses, this tutorial from Burkatron will help you make an easy and affordable crown that you will be proud to wear this season.

They are so fun to make and not expensive either, mine came in under $15 and took me roughly an hour to finish!
I’d love to make one out of fresh flowers but for the time being I opted for silk flowers which are easy to get hold of and last a lot longer.
The main things you need are an assortment of flowers (available at craft or home stores) garden wire and some fine jewelry wire.
A pair of scissors or pliers to cut is also a must!
Measure and bend the wire to fit your head (make it a little bigger as the more flowers you add the tighter the fit will become) wrap another length of wire around the crown to make it more secure.
Now comes the fun part… Start twisting your flowers into the crown- you’ll find the flowers have wire stems so this is surprisingly easy.
You can use the fine wire to secure and tidy any stems, trim off the excess.
When I arranged my flowers I used the largest blooms at the front,
then used the smaller flowers around the sides to create a graduated effect (I think it would be too big to wear otherwise!)
I found the smaller flowers worked best around the back of the crown where it rests against the base of your neck.
I wrapped some raffia around the crown just to decorate… You could also use ribbon which would look really pretty!
Taaaa daaaa! One finished pastel flower crown, Now I’m ready to get my festival on!
Do you think you’ll be tempted to try one yourself?
Here’s some inspiration from celebrities who have been spotted wearing these gorgeous flower crowns!
Stop by Blues and Shoes and show us your own handmade floral crown… We would be so happy to see them!
You can also come check out our new shipment of floral headbands and many more styles we’re sure you’ll want to pick up for spring!

Check in and get REWARDS!


Check into Blues and Shoes for a special reward!Do you love getting discounts? Well at Blues and Shoes we already give you super low prices every single day, but just because we love you so much we want to give you even more savings!

From April 28th to May 28th check into Blues on Facebook every time you visit and on the third visit you get $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more! That extra $10 can get you so much more to complete your outfit!

The only way to get this awesome discount is by coming in! Get in here and get styled by one of our fabulous stylists! Not only do you get the discount for being a loyal customer you are also racking up some serious VIP points on all non sale items!

What are you waiting for? Get in here today and share this with your friends! We love turning a styling into a fashion party!

Household Tips to Save Your Clothes and Money

Blues and Shoes blog

tongdang / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

How many times have you found the perfect dress and its ruined by makeup stains or worse, grease? Well stop throwing away your fave pieces (and money) with these simple house hold tips!

Yellow Armpit Stains: Many chemicals from deoderants remain on clothing even after being washed, especially in cool water cycles. To remove the stains soak the garment in warm water and rub the stains with white vinegar. Wash in the hottest water allowed for the fabric. If you have a stubborn stain on your hands sprinkle that sucker with meat tenderizer and wash again.

Oil Stains: To get oil stains out of fabric there are a couple of different options. The first is to soak the stain in rubbing alcohol then wash. Another is to rub the stain with chalk, then wash. If you have a grease-fighting dish soap you can also treat the stain with that, let it soak for about 10 min then launder.

Keep Jeans from Fading: Soak the jeans in a mixture of about 4tbsp. of white vinegar and 5 quarts of water for about 30 min. Then wash inside out. You only have to do this once and definitely do it when they are brand new and have never been washed.

Makeup and Foundation Stains: Spray the stain with hairspray. Make sure to spray enough so that the hairspray penetrates the fabric on both sides. Another great way to kick the stains out is by rubbing with shampoo, soaking for about 15 min and then washing.

Lipstick Stains: Removing lipstick stains can be a breeze, just rub the spot with non-gel toothpaste and wash!

Air Dry Sweater Stretching: To avoid an awkward sweater due to stretching from being hang dried, use a clean old window screen to lay the sweater on top of.

So there you go, some quick at home remedies for some of our most common fashion emergencies. Do have any tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

And just in case that garment is too far gone to be saved then come in to Blues and Shoes today to get dressed up from head to toe by one of our AMAZING stylists! Dont forget to like us and follow us on Pinterest and Twitter for more fashion, inspiration, and tips!

Shout out thanks to lifetips.com

Trend Alert: High Waisted Flares


That’s right ladies, high waisted flared jeans are back in a BIG way! I know most of you are intimidated by the thought of setting your skinnies aside and opting for the not so new new trend, but flared jeans are usually 3000x’s more flattering than those skinny jeans and can create an elongated silhouette for your body. Which basically means you look long, lean, and fabulous.

Plus now that the waists are higher those super cute little crop tops you’ve been wanting to wear (but havent because of belly issues) are now safe! Most problem areas in the mid section are covered up, camouflaged, and tucked away! So go on girls, rock that top!

Below are a couple different styles and looks to wear with this ridiculously cute trend:

High Waisted Flared Ditto brand jeans at Blues and Shoes

We chose a longer, flowier top to go with them to add even more length to the silhouette. It's all about balance ladies!

This brand of jean here is called Ditto’s. They were really popular in the 70’s and 80’s and now they’re making a come back! One of the great things about these jeans is the iconic saddle stitching on the butt. This type of stitch makes your hynnie look AMAZING and creates a better fit. Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s are all selling this exact pair of jeans for well over $120, but we have them for $89, because we love you!

High Waisted flared leg corduroy jeans from Blues and Shoes

See how freaking cute the crop top looks with these high waisted corduroy NYC brand jeans? The boxy square cut of most crop tops balances really nicely with the length and width of high waisted flares. So go on out there and be bold in your new look!

Still nervous about how to wear this new trend? Come in to Blues and Shoes today and get styled from head to toe in an outfit thats perfect for you! All of our employees are fabulous fashionistas and they’ll walk you through the do’s and dont’s to get a killer look that you feel good in!

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Blues and Shoes

How to make a scarf-vest


With the weather getting warmer its time to dust off those bathing suits and tank tops. But what to wear over it all if your feeling a little too bare? How about a scarf vest? All you need is a large scarf and about a minute and you’re all set. Scarf-vests are perfect for bathing suite cover ups or as an accent piece to a tank and some shorts. Add some fab in a flash.

how to make a scarf vest step 1 by Blues and Shoes

(Side note, the larger the scarf the longer the vest. Smaller scarves make adorable short vests)

how to make a scarf vest step 2 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 3 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 4 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 5 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 6 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 7 by Blues and Shoes

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