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WWDMagic Feb 2014


Last week we spent a few days in Las Vegas at the WWDMagic… a HUGE collection of women’s apparel, shoes and accessories! Those days were filled with looking through more clothes then you can imagine! We shopped non-stop for spring trends from our favorite brands as well as discovered new brands we can’t wait to bring inside Blues and Shoes! The photos below give you a glimpse into what you may find in store this spring as well as give you a feel for what it’s like as a buyer at WWDMagic. We gasped at many cute items from brands including Alythea, En Creme,Flying Tomato, Ciel, Ya, and Hem & Thread.



















Valentines Treats


Want to treat your honey to some yummy treats this Valentines treats but not break your diet…local bloggers “The Style Kittens” have some solutions for you!

Check out their v-day video to find out how to make some creative “skinny” and very yummy treats!

Let us know If you try these yourself! The dark chocolate raspberries are way too easy not to try!


Check in and get REWARDS!


Check into Blues and Shoes for a special reward!Do you love getting discounts? Well at Blues and Shoes we already give you super low prices every single day, but just because we love you so much we want to give you even more savings!

From April 28th to May 28th check into Blues on Facebook every time you visit and on the third visit you get $10 off of a purchase of $50 or more! That extra $10 can get you so much more to complete your outfit!

The only way to get this awesome discount is by coming in! Get in here and get styled by one of our fabulous stylists! Not only do you get the discount for being a loyal customer you are also racking up some serious VIP points on all non sale items!

What are you waiting for? Get in here today and share this with your friends! We love turning a styling into a fashion party!

Household Tips to Save Your Clothes and Money

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How many times have you found the perfect dress and its ruined by makeup stains or worse, grease? Well stop throwing away your fave pieces (and money) with these simple house hold tips!

Yellow Armpit Stains: Many chemicals from deoderants remain on clothing even after being washed, especially in cool water cycles. To remove the stains soak the garment in warm water and rub the stains with white vinegar. Wash in the hottest water allowed for the fabric. If you have a stubborn stain on your hands sprinkle that sucker with meat tenderizer and wash again.

Oil Stains: To get oil stains out of fabric there are a couple of different options. The first is to soak the stain in rubbing alcohol then wash. Another is to rub the stain with chalk, then wash. If you have a grease-fighting dish soap you can also treat the stain with that, let it soak for about 10 min then launder.

Keep Jeans from Fading: Soak the jeans in a mixture of about 4tbsp. of white vinegar and 5 quarts of water for about 30 min. Then wash inside out. You only have to do this once and definitely do it when they are brand new and have never been washed.

Makeup and Foundation Stains: Spray the stain with hairspray. Make sure to spray enough so that the hairspray penetrates the fabric on both sides. Another great way to kick the stains out is by rubbing with shampoo, soaking for about 15 min and then washing.

Lipstick Stains: Removing lipstick stains can be a breeze, just rub the spot with non-gel toothpaste and wash!

Air Dry Sweater Stretching: To avoid an awkward sweater due to stretching from being hang dried, use a clean old window screen to lay the sweater on top of.

So there you go, some quick at home remedies for some of our most common fashion emergencies. Do have any tips? We’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

And just in case that garment is too far gone to be saved then come in to Blues and Shoes today to get dressed up from head to toe by one of our AMAZING stylists! Dont forget to like us and follow us on Pinterest and Twitter for more fashion, inspiration, and tips!

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Blues and Shoes News: 7 Sanity Savers to Keep in Your Purse


Life is filled with tiny disasters- from leaving your keys in your car to having to wait at the DMV for an extra hour. We’re bringing you seven things to have in your purse at all times-just to be safe.

Spare car key and house key. Accidents happen all the time. Ask everyone you know that drives- locking your keys in your car just happens. But at least this way you can be prepared if it does. Chances are that even if you lock your keys in the car, you’ll still have your purse with you, so keep an extra set of car keys in there.

A Multipurpose tool!  Did you get a splinter from that bench? No one has a bottle opener at the labor day bbq? Need to cut off itchy tag from that new sweater? Multipurpose tools, such as Swiss Army knives, are a godsend when you least expect it.

Pen and paper.  It’s so simple, but most people never carry a pen and paper with them. But how often have you needed it to write down directions, jot out insurance info, take a message for your hubby, etc? Enough said.

Tissues and Cotton swabs.  When it comes to allergies, nose bleeds, crying kids, crying you, make up mix ups, or any other of the elven billion disasters that happen in a day, it’s always good to have something to fix it on hand.

Back up snacks.  There is always a reason to have a couple granola bars in your bag. Flat tire? Well, at least you won’t be hungry AND late. Hungry kids? Avoid that disaster with some goldfish.

Safety pins.  Buttons fall off, zippers break, seams come apart, hems fall down.  Having a spare safety pin in your purse can save you from a wardrobe malfunction when you need it the most!

Lighter or matches. You don’t have to be a smoker for this tip to be helpful. Think about it- how often have you had a loose string? Burn it off instead of pulling it to avoid it getting worse. People also need lighters or matches to light candles, open bottles, starting fires, and light a bbq. Anything can happen, and you never know when you’ll need to make fire.

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BLUES AND SHOES NEWS:Dressing Your Body Type


Feel beautiful in the body you have, instead of looking to change your body to feel beautiful! For the most part, women may gain or lose weight, but your general proportions and body shape stay the same. Even if you’re not your body’s biggest fan, you can learn how to create a look that fits you AND your body. When you dress to match your body type, you can learn to love your body plus you’ll feel confident and comfortable in your own skin!

Step 1: Know Your Shape!

Are you Top-Heavy? If your bust is the heaviest and most dominant feature on your body, you’re top heavy. This means you have large breasts with small hips or a small bottom in comparison.

Are you Hourglass Shaped? Do you have a large bust and hips/bottom with a small waist? Then you have an hourglass figure.

Are you Apple-Shaped? If you have a large bust and tummy with proportionately slender legs, than you are apple-shaped.

Are you Pear-Shaped?  This is when you have a slender bust with large hips or a large bottom.

Are you Petite? This is when you have a slim body with small breasts, hips, and/or bottom.

Step 2: Love Your Shape!

Even famous supermodels and actresses come in all shapes and sizes!

Top Heavy Hollywood Stars

                Queen Latifah


Without a doubt this bodacious beauty is a top heavy actress along with Anne Hathaway and Angelina Jolie!

                Hourglass Hollywood Stars

                Jessica Beil

Undoubtedly this bombshell babe is an hourglass type, along with Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, and Kirsten Dunst.

                Apple-Shaped Hollywood Stars

                Jennifer Hudson

This buxom beauty is an apple shaped star, along with Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah, Lorraine Kelly, and Drew Barrymore.

                Pear –Shaped Hollywood Stars

                Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet along with Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, and Beyonce are all pear-shaped body types!

                Slender Hollywood Stars

                Cameron Diaz

This blonde babe is a slender frame along with Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Step 3: What Works Best and Worst for Your Body?

The Apple body shape

What to Wear:

Empire line and longer length tops will flatter your figure. Go for low-ish necklines to draw the eye upwards.

What You Should Avoid:

Short, boxy jackets and pleated or tiered skirts are not your friends. Cast them out now and feel forever better.

The Pear body shape

What to Wear:

Balance out your curvy bottom half with bold bright tops or tops with large collars, lapels or sleeves.

What You Should Avoid:

Tube, pencil and fishtail skirts, especially tight-fitting ones will only emphasize your hips and behind.

The Top-Heavy body shape

What to Wear:

Fuller skirts and wide leg trousers will balance out your bodyshape beautifully. Don’t be afraid of bright color on your bottom half.

What You Should Avoid:

Shoulder pads and tapering trousers are an absolute no-no! Also steer clear of puffy sleeves, epaulettes and halter tops.

The Hourglass body shape

What to Wear:

Wrap dresses, waist-cinching belts and flared or wide leg jeans will work wonders. Not necessarily all at once though.

What You Should Avoid:

Shapeless baggy sweaters will hide your wonderful waist. Unless you add that magic belt of course!

The Slender body shape

What to Wear:

A structured coat that cinches in with a belt will make you look curvier. If you have a small bust you can get away with tricky to wear high-necked tops.

What You Should Avoid:

Low rise jeans and trousers can make your torso look too long. Stay away from sheath dresses and stick to styles with more shape instead.

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Tattle Tale: What Would Your Clothes Say?


Everyone has heard the saying, “If only walls could talk.” Well, what if your clothes could talk? What would they say about you?

To a certain degree, your clothing already speaks for you. Your style usually broadcasts a basic stereotype of your personality. When you wear tank tops, jeans, and a pair of flip-flops every day, people assume you’re a pretty laid back person. When you parade around in Gucci pumps, pencil skirts, and a nice blouse, people assume you’re a classy business woman. What if your clothes not only told who you are, but where you’ve been and what you’ve done.
Would your favorite Marc Jacobs handbag tell of a crazy night out on the town? Would that old, thrashed pair of Converse speak of a summer of fun when you graduated high school? Tell us your stories and share a picture of the piece of clothing or accessory. We want to hear what your clothes would say! The best stories will be entered and voted upon for a chance to win $15 off a purchase of $50 or more.

Post your stories and picture in a comment. Or upload them to our wall on our fanpage at