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Trend Alert: High Waisted Flares


That’s right ladies, high waisted flared jeans are back in a BIG way! I know most of you are intimidated by the thought of setting your skinnies aside and opting for the not so new new trend, but flared jeans are usually 3000x’s more flattering than those skinny jeans and can create an elongated silhouette for your body. Which basically means you look long, lean, and fabulous.

Plus now that the waists are higher those super cute little crop tops you’ve been wanting to wear (but havent because of belly issues) are now safe! Most problem areas in the mid section are covered up, camouflaged, and tucked away! So go on girls, rock that top!

Below are a couple different styles and looks to wear with this ridiculously cute trend:

High Waisted Flared Ditto brand jeans at Blues and Shoes

We chose a longer, flowier top to go with them to add even more length to the silhouette. It's all about balance ladies!

This brand of jean here is called Ditto’s. They were really popular in the 70’s and 80’s and now they’re making a come back! One of the great things about these jeans is the iconic saddle stitching on the butt. This type of stitch makes your hynnie look AMAZING and creates a better fit. Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s are all selling this exact pair of jeans for well over $120, but we have them for $89, because we love you!

High Waisted flared leg corduroy jeans from Blues and Shoes

See how freaking cute the crop top looks with these high waisted corduroy NYC brand jeans? The boxy square cut of most crop tops balances really nicely with the length and width of high waisted flares. So go on out there and be bold in your new look!

Still nervous about how to wear this new trend? Come in to Blues and Shoes today and get styled from head to toe in an outfit thats perfect for you! All of our employees are fabulous fashionistas and they’ll walk you through the do’s and dont’s to get a killer look that you feel good in!

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How to make a scarf-vest


With the weather getting warmer its time to dust off those bathing suits and tank tops. But what to wear over it all if your feeling a little too bare? How about a scarf vest? All you need is a large scarf and about a minute and you’re all set. Scarf-vests are perfect for bathing suite cover ups or as an accent piece to a tank and some shorts. Add some fab in a flash.

how to make a scarf vest step 1 by Blues and Shoes

(Side note, the larger the scarf the longer the vest. Smaller scarves make adorable short vests)

how to make a scarf vest step 2 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 3 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 4 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 5 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 6 by Blues and Shoes

how to make a scarf vest step 7 by Blues and Shoes

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5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf


As winter winds down we start getting out of the cold weather clothes and into some flirty spring wear. Although scarves are traditionally thought of as something you wear to bundle up, we at Blues and Shoes have light-weight, fun spring infinity scarves and a few different ways to wear them!

1. The Double Loop

Blues and Shoes, 5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

The most basic and easiest way to wear this scarf. Just place over your head (like a necklace) then cross over to form a second loop and put over your head. This way looks best with bigger tops such a bulky cable-knit sweater.

2. The Triple Loop

Blues and Shoes, 5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

The Triple Loop style is just like the double loop, but surprise, there’s an extra loop. The added weight around the collar area looks really good with plainer, thinner t-shirts, tops, and tank tops. The triple loops add drama and sophistication to an otherwise plain outfit.

3. The Slip Knot

Blues and Shoes, 5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

The Slip Knot is a very quick way to add a little something extra to an outfit. Hold the scarf at each end, place around neck like you would with a regular scarf but pull one end through the other. This style looks great on thinner shirts or a thick sweater/sweatshirt.

4. The Knot

Blues and Shoes, 5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

Place the scarf around your neck (like a necklace) and tie a knot at the end. This look is a perfect match for an open blazer. The thinner length of the scarf elongates the body and makes you look taller and leaner by drawing the eye vertically.

3. The Almost Vest

Blues adn Shoes, 5 Ways to Wear an Infinity Scarf

This is a fun and great way to jazz up a turtle neck, long sleeve shirt, or just plain or T-shirt! Place your arm through the scarf like you would a purse strap. Next twist the scarf how ever many times you need to for it to fit. More petite girls will probably twist a few times. Next place your other arm through the other side of the scarf, like a back pack. Adjust so that it is even and comfortable and viola! This look adds a fun, funky dimension to the plain ‘ol T-shirt and jeans.

Our model for this post is the lovely Amanda, one of our talented stylists! Come in, say hi, get dolled up!

We hope you liked our little tutorial! If you found it helpful or have more ways to wear an infinity scarf let us know in the comments!