How to make your own flower crown!


Flower crowns are going to be so hot this spring!

Whether you prefer the small dainty flowers or big bright roses, this tutorial from Burkatron will help you make an easy and affordable crown that you will be proud to wear this season.

They are so fun to make and not expensive either, mine came in under $15 and took me roughly an hour to finish!
I’d love to make one out of fresh flowers but for the time being I opted for silk flowers which are easy to get hold of and last a lot longer.
The main things you need are an assortment of flowers (available at craft or home stores) garden wire and some fine jewelry wire.
A pair of scissors or pliers to cut is also a must!
Measure and bend the wire to fit your head (make it a little bigger as the more flowers you add the tighter the fit will become) wrap another length of wire around the crown to make it more secure.
Now comes the fun part… Start twisting your flowers into the crown- you’ll find the flowers have wire stems so this is surprisingly easy.
You can use the fine wire to secure and tidy any stems, trim off the excess.
When I arranged my flowers I used the largest blooms at the front,
then used the smaller flowers around the sides to create a graduated effect (I think it would be too big to wear otherwise!)
I found the smaller flowers worked best around the back of the crown where it rests against the base of your neck.
I wrapped some raffia around the crown just to decorate… You could also use ribbon which would look really pretty!
Taaaa daaaa! One finished pastel flower crown, Now I’m ready to get my festival on!
Do you think you’ll be tempted to try one yourself?
Here’s some inspiration from celebrities who have been spotted wearing these gorgeous flower crowns!
Stop by Blues and Shoes and show us your own handmade floral crown… We would be so happy to see them!
You can also come check out our new shipment of floral headbands and many more styles we’re sure you’ll want to pick up for spring!

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