Blues and Shoes News: 7 Sanity Savers to Keep in Your Purse


Life is filled with tiny disasters- from leaving your keys in your car to having to wait at the DMV for an extra hour. We’re bringing you seven things to have in your purse at all times-just to be safe.

Spare car key and house key. Accidents happen all the time. Ask everyone you know that drives- locking your keys in your car just happens. But at least this way you can be prepared if it does. Chances are that even if you lock your keys in the car, you’ll still have your purse with you, so keep an extra set of car keys in there.

A Multipurpose tool!  Did you get a splinter from that bench? No one has a bottle opener at the labor day bbq? Need to cut off itchy tag from that new sweater? Multipurpose tools, such as Swiss Army knives, are a godsend when you least expect it.

Pen and paper.  It’s so simple, but most people never carry a pen and paper with them. But how often have you needed it to write down directions, jot out insurance info, take a message for your hubby, etc? Enough said.

Tissues and Cotton swabs.  When it comes to allergies, nose bleeds, crying kids, crying you, make up mix ups, or any other of the elven billion disasters that happen in a day, it’s always good to have something to fix it on hand.

Back up snacks.  There is always a reason to have a couple granola bars in your bag. Flat tire? Well, at least you won’t be hungry AND late. Hungry kids? Avoid that disaster with some goldfish.

Safety pins.  Buttons fall off, zippers break, seams come apart, hems fall down.  Having a spare safety pin in your purse can save you from a wardrobe malfunction when you need it the most!

Lighter or matches. You don’t have to be a smoker for this tip to be helpful. Think about it- how often have you had a loose string? Burn it off instead of pulling it to avoid it getting worse. People also need lighters or matches to light candles, open bottles, starting fires, and light a bbq. Anything can happen, and you never know when you’ll need to make fire.

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