BLUES AND SHOES NEWS: Chic Summer Wedding Outfits!


Going to a wedding this Summer? We’ve compiled a few outfits to make sure you’re chic and ready for any wedding this summer!

Outdoor Wedding

It’s summer. Which means in most placed in the United States, it is hot! If the wedding you are attending will be outdoors, stick to flowy dresses and airy fabrics. There is nothing worse than a tight silk dress that will show absolutely every sweat mark while you are getting down on the dance floor!

Choose a soft and pretty dress that will be easy to dance in and won’t weigh you down. Pair it with comfortable heels and fun accessories and you will be ready for a night out in the summer heat!

Church Wedding

Some churches require a dress code, but if you aren’t sure, try to keep your shoulders and chest covered. You could easily wear a cute cardigan for the ceremony then ditch it for the reception. Also, cover up those legs too! Anything you might wear to a Las Vegas club is off limits here.

Pair a floral dress with a bright cardigan for the ceremony. Cinch your waist with a chic skinny belt and dress it all up with a flashy hair accessory.

Formal Wedding

If the invitation includes some sort of dress code, stick to it. My mother always told me that it is better to be over dressed than under dressed. Plus, this is a great excuse to get all gussied up and parade around like a celebrity on the red carpet!

Have fun with a Grecian inspired draped dress in a bright color. Add dressy pumps and bangles for a modern formal look.

Cultural Wedding

If you were invited to the wedding of a friend who practices different religious customs than you, don’t be afraid to ask what is appropriate. You don’t want to show up wearing a killer red dress that is almost the exact same as the bride’s!

Whatever you decide to wear, weddings are meant to be a fun celebration of the bride and groom’s love for one another. As long as you don’t upstage the bride in some crazy get-up you will be fine! Stick to simple, comfortable and fun and you will be smart chic at every wedding on your agenda.


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