Blues And Shoes News: Summer 2011 Trends & How To Wear Them!


This summer season indulge in some simple yet incredibly sexy summer fashion trends. Sheer fabrics, vibrant prints, cropped embellished denim, sexy jewelry and stunning two piece swimsuits are the leaders in hottest summer fashion trends of the year.

Whether it is a silk summer scarf, summer dress, blouse, skirt or shoe embrace sheerness this summer season. Sheer fabric creates billowy, breezy and flirty appeal. Sheer fabrics create the illusion of baring the skin and is super cool in the hot weather.

The key to this summer fashion trend is to only wear one item that is sheer. If you were to wear several sheer pieces at once it would look overdone.

The ideal sheer fabrics are silk chiffon, cotton and linen because they breath well and allow for air to move through the material. If you wear a sheer fashion piece made of synthetic fabric it can actually trap the heat making you feel even hotter. Stick with natural fabrics when indulging in this fashion trend.

Vibrant prints – abstract, floral an animal – are intensely popular this summer. Color trends for the prints range from bold and bright to soft and subtle. Celebrate the glorious weather by wearing fun prints. Vintage, classic, preppy, minimalist or edgy it doesn’t matter as long as there are some fabulous prints in gorgeous colors.

Invest in a stunning handbag, camisole, tank, t-shirt, sleeveless blouse, hat, scarf or pair of shoes in an inspirational pattern or print.

Embellished denim is a hot summer fashion trend that will carry over into the fall makeup fashion season. Jeans are a standard fashion item for most women.

Cropped jeans, skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans are the most popular trends this year, however, there are literally hundreds of different styles, trends and fits to choose from. Pick the style that fits you best and indulge in a pair of embellished denim jeans.

Look for denim with sparkle, metal or dark studded embellishments at cuffs, belt loops or pocket for added appeal. Embellished denim is a great way to dress up a pair of jeans and give them a more decorative and stylish look

This season is all about sexy fashion trends and stunning appeal. There is no better way to create a sexy and sultry look than to wear some stunning jewelry. Some of the hottest jewelery trends this summer season include big bold baubles, large vintage pendants, gorgeous sparkling bubble rings and mismatched bangle bracelets.

When it comes to jewelry, especially necklaces and bracelets don’t be shy! Pile it on – the layered look is hot and it does not have to be matchy-matchy. When layering your jewelry look just make sure you are wearing either gold or silver – avoid wearing both at the same time. Mix and match colors and gemstones and play it up with plenty of  bling!

One of the best summer jewelry trends is to wear a big bauble ring on your index finger. Have it on display so it simply sparkles and stuns while you sip on a latte, read a book or type on your laptop. A ring on your index finger is this seasons hottest jewelry inspired fashion trend.

Two piece swimsuits are a must-have fashion item – whether you are headed to the pool or the beach a two piece is your best choice when it comes to summer trends. Choose a vibrant pattern and wear a sheer shirt dress over your suit to up the fashion ante.

Choose from sporty two piece or sexy two piece swimsuits and hit the beach or pool in hot summer style!

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