BLUES AND SHOES NEWS: Don’t Get Caught In Last Years Trends!!


Here are some of this season’s hottest trends! We do the work so you don’t have to, take a look at the latest fashion trends this season has to offer. Don’t get caught in last seasons trends, read on and happy shopping!

Printed MatterEven if everyone is copying, we still can’t get enough of prints. And spring/summer basically turned up the volume: think bigger, louder, more playful and expressive than ever, from the sweet fruit prints at Suno and Prada to bold animal prints that were…well, everywhere.

Block Party—The palette for the season was super intense with bright orange, turquoise, honeysuckle pink, and yellow dominating. A lot of designers played with pairing multiple intense colors together, which provided a beyond bold effect.

Pajama GameLoose and lovely loungewear inspired many a runway with drapey weekend trousers, matching printed tops and bottoms, and nightgown-esque slip dresses. While this might be one of the tougher trends to pull off, it offers an interesting nod to the shift in modern sportswear…sexy, casual, and very appealing.

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