BLUES AND SHOES NEWS: Here’s How You Wear This Season’s Color Hues!


Spring is here and you’re in need of a major vacation from work, from cold weather and from the all-black ensembles you’ve been wearing (fabulously) all winter. You’re thinking of exotic destinations like Africa, Peru and India. Coincidentally, so are your favorite designers! Here is the season’s hottest color hues and how to wear them fashionably!

Here They Are!!!…..The Hot Hues

We know, that’s a lot of color to take in (isn’t it fantastic!?), but don’t think you need to stock your closet with all ten. If you’re looking to narrow the list down, honeysuckle, blue curucao and russet are the best of the best, mainly because they’re the least fleeting.

The Hottest Way To Wear Them!

If you think a dress in a hue named after a potato is frumpy, think again. Animal prints often utilize russet, making the hue much more fun that it seems(1). A sexy, silk laser-cut off-the-shoulder dress in a vibrant shade of pink is a modern take on boho(2), and if you really want to make a statement, work an LBD: little blue dress(3).

Spring fashion is all about fun, so get creative with how you choose to accessorize with the season’s hues. Wear them on your head, on your feet and around your waist, or carry them in your hand. Once you start looking, you’ll see these colors pop up everywhere!

Pairing The Season’s Hues

The colors for the spring season present an interesting marriage of unexpected warm and cool tones. The key to mastering the hues is all in combining complementary colors, those that are opposites on the color wheel, to form unique color combinations. This way, you can pair existing pieces in colors traditionally associated with fall, with new favorites.

 One of the easiest ways to practice pairing is to start with a neutral dress, then accessorize with more dramatic hues. If it looks like a lot of color, good. Spring 2011 is all about using bright colors to capture attention.

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