Blues and Shoes Fashion Tips: Denim is still in fashion!


Denim is just one of those fabrics that seems to constantly show up in different trends and fashion scenes. Whether it is simple and chic, or funky and distressed, denim is always leaving its mark on the fashion world. In addition to street styles, denim is almost always spotted at the some of the most top of the line runway shows. This is what makes denim so great; it’s hot and trendy, and simple and comfortable.

Add some variety. The last season was all about skinny-cut and boyfriend jeans; the tighter and skinnier the better. This season, don’t be afraid to add a little more variety to your closet. But whatever you do, don’t throw away those skinny jeans and boyfriend denim! They are definitely still a great go-to look for 2011. Thanks to the popularity of leggings and patterned stockings, shorts are no longer just for summer. And now that 80’s styles are back in action you know what that means: denim shorts! You can go out and purchase a really nice pair of tailored denim shorts, or if you’re feeling a bit more funky and casual, rock some cut-offs. Believe it or not, cut-off denim shorts are back and are going to be very hot this year, thanks again to the re-emergence of 1980’s styles.

Don’t be afraid to get funky with your denim in 2011! Go for the hipster-artsy denim fashion trend, by adding bright colors or handmade embroidery to your jeans. The louder the color, the better! You can embroider and/or bedazzle denim yourself, or purchase some really nice high-end denim jeans with these funky details.

Don’t rule out stone-washed or acid-washed jeans in 2011. The re-emergence of 1980’s fashions has also brought stone-washed jeans back from the dead. Lots of young kids in big urban cities are raiding their parent’s attics and getting funky and trendy! Stone and acid washes look very edgy and trendy, and look especially great when paired with different colored tops and sneakers.

If acid washed jeans, or bright colored denim is not your personal style, feel free to go with classic blue denim this year too. You have your choice between light, dark, or faded blue jeans. Blue denim simply never goes out of style.

When we think denim, we tend to automatically think about jeans and pants. But denim fashions are starting to show up in vests, blazers, jackets, hats, and skirts. Denim is such a versatile and durable fabric that it can be used for anything. Denim jackets look like they are going to be a big hit in 2011 too. Depending on the color and cut, denim jackets can be very casual or even a little dressy. So when it comes to denim, think outside the box and you’ll be able to revamp your whole wardrobe.

For the true denim lover, mix and match different denim styles and colors for a truly bold denim outfit. Think skirts, pants, vests, jackets and even shirts! Denim comes in so many colors that it’s totally possible to design a whole outfit just around denim. (Image Source)

The denim trend is going to be very hot in 2011. Whether your style is trendy and funky, or simple and classic, you will definitely be able to incorporate some new denim looks into your wardrobe this year. Pay attention to these fashion tips and you will definitely end-up looking hot and trendy in your smashing new denim outfit.

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